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Since the early 90s, maritime piracy has been growing at an alarming rate as illustrated by the repeated attacks off the coast of Somalia, the straits of Malacca, the Gulf of Guinea, and in the Caribbean Sea. The intensity of these threats vary from one zone to another, depending on the geographic situation and the local issues.

Yaounde Conference Centre

The Yaounde Conference Centre has been highly acclaimed for its capacity to host national and international events. This magnificent structure went operational on May 12, 1982.
It comprises of three pavilions, two halls and two lobbies.


Cameroon covers a surface area of 475.442 kilometres square, endowed with an exceptional touristic heritage. From a geographical view, the country shares it borders in the north region to the Sahel, spreads to the southeast towards the massif rainforest of the Congo, and to the southwest towards the Atlantic Ocean, offering marvellous virgin forest landscapes (22 million hectares, the second in Africa) Thus, the savannahs, steppes, plains, mountains, rivers, lakes, beautiful wild beaches, for real, a very vast and varied fauna and flora.



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