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Visa application

It is obligatory to get a visa before entry to Cameroon. Visas are issued by Cameroon’s diplomatic missions or its consular offices. Applications are validated less than 48 hours after your request as stipulated by article 31 (1) of decree N° 2000/286 of October 12, 2000.Visas could be delivered at airports and other entry posts to tourists.However, foreigners from countries where Cameroon does not have its representatives could obtain visas exceptionally from border police officers.You shall be informed immediately in case your application for a visa has been rejected. This shall be done within 24 hours by immigration officers.In addition, you need to present a valid passport and acceptable vaccination results especially on Yellow Fever. Travellers to Cameroon should protect themselves against malaria.More information could be gotten through this link:http:/ content&view=article&id=61%3Aobtention-de-visa&catid=35%3Ainformations-pratiques&Itemid=59&lang=frSource : MINREX